The Speakup 5k San Diego

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The Speakup 5k San Diego (the SpeakUp series occurs in 5 cities) will donate a significant amount of the proceeds to benefit Rady Children’s Hospital’s Behavioral Health division.

According to Speakup 5k the race was the idea of 16-year-old  Cameron Gallagher from Richmond, VA.

CEO of Speakup 5k Jonathon Gallagher said:

“Like 1 in 5 teens, she suffered from depression and anxiety and her hope was to create a 5k foot race to help end the stigma tied to mental illness. As a newly 16 year old teen, Cameron wanted a car, but her parents knew she couldn’t hold a typical job due to the severity, and volatility of her depression. They decided that if she “set a goal” for herself, one that was challenging and had to be worked towards, they would evaluate purchasing her a car upon the achievement of her goal. Cameron chose to run a ½ marathon. A week prior to the race, Cameron, running with her mother, shared her desire to create a race called the SpeakUp 5K. Her parents were supportive of her aspirations but wanted her to focus on her school work and not be distracted with another project and they agreed to focus on the race some time down the road.

The next week was the Shamrock ½ Marathon in Norfolk, VA (Cameron’s Goal to achieve to get a car). Cameron ran the race, crossed the finish line and fell into her parents arms and died instantly from an undiagnosed heart condition. Overcome with grief, it wasn’t until 3 days later that Cameron’s parents had the courage to enter her room. There, stacked neatly on her desk, were the plans for the SpeakUp 5K that she had prepared and completed unbeknownst to them. She had planned the race, reached out to multiple corporate sponsors and even written a speech. It was like she had created a playbook for her family to follow to change the lives of thousands of people throughout the word.

Despite a tragic lose, Cameron’s message is spreading joy and happiness throughout the world. The SpeakUp 5K is a high energy, fun and joyous event that is celebrated by all who attend. Most people say it is the most fun and liveliest 5K they’ve ever been a part of. It is not timed (per Cameron’s desire) because every person should be able to participate and feel a sense of belonging and accomplishment.”

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