The Spectator report: Ex-producer suing Tucker Carlson has never even met him

Tuesday night, Tucker Carlson told the Daily Mail “retirement is going great so far,” as he drove off to dinner on his golf cart in Florida.

The cause of Carlson’s firing is still unknown, but rumors are spreading that a suit filed by former Fox News employee, Abby Grossberg, led to his termination. The suit alleges that Carlson encouraged a hostile and sexist workplace environment among his employees. Grossberg, who previously worked at MSNBC, also alleges she was subject to bullying, antisemitic comments and sexism by his staff at the Fox News Manhattan Office.

But new today, “The Spectator” is reporting that Grossberg has never even met Tucker Carlson in person, as Carlson was rarely in the Manhattan offices. Tucker Carlson taped his show from his personal studios in Maine and Florida.

Nevertheless, Carlson is named as a codefendant in Grossberg’s suit, along with his Executive and Senior producers, and multiple Fox VPs.


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