The Strategic & Fresh Job Search for 2017

I know there are times I emphasize importance of self-evaluation, both personally and professionally, along with networking while you are involved in a job search.

Well, a new year is upon us and that means, similar to a new year resolution, we need to think about a career evaluation and perhaps setting fresh job hunt strategies. It’s time to re-evaluate the tactics you used last year and the outcomes, along with how best to revise them in order to reach your career goals this coming year can help.

Reassess your goals

Did you give yourself an unrealistic deadline for securing a new job or career change last year?

Were your salary expectations in line with your qualifications or do you need to consider a different salary completely?

Resetting your goals and adjusting your job search strategy to match these questions may be necessary if you did not achieve job success last year. So let’s write them down to study.

Develop a new daily job search strategy

If you’ve been looking for a job for months and have yet to get a response, it’s time to switch gears. Many job seekers think that it doesn’t make sense to send out resumes during slow periods such as holidays. Stop right there! This is simply not true. Hiring happens all the time, and if you stay on top of your daily job search you can make progress. Take these steps to stay ahead of the game.

Build your personal brand

Branding is important for anyone seeking a job or looking to advance in their career.

Define how you want to be perceived to potential employers. Everything from what you wear, how you present yourself, to your knowledge and your network will define you as a brand. Take a look at your brand image and determine if it needs to be refined in the new year.

Continue to network

I know you hear this from me over and over, but networking is still one of the best ways to secure a job. You should plan on investing more time towards this critical step in the job search process in the coming year. Industry events, trade shows and conferences offer fertile ground for networking. Attend them. Attend career fairs and job seminars. Continue to tap into your career network.

Do you have a mentor?

Mentors make excellent resources and can help guide your career choices, or even open doors for potential interviews. Look at people in your network who could be instrumental in your job search, and your career goals, then seek their advise. This could be anyone from a former boss or associate, or a college professor, to someone you have met in a field you have interest in.

Stay visible through social networking

If you did not get involved in social media networking as part of your job search last year, add it! Join networking forums like LinkedIn, where you can connect with companies and hiring managers. Keep informed about association or group events that may be taking place. Of course, that brings us back to networking!

Might I also offer some additional homework as we approach the new year. Success for me is about empowering every person I assist — my book "Job Won!", will assist you to acquire and refine the tools needed to find a job and develop a career you are passionate about.

Don’t read this book only because you’ve lost your job. Read it because you want to do more with your life, your next job and with all of the jobs that follow and enjoy the upcoming new year.

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