THE SUIT IS BACK: What does it mean for the workplace, job seekers and career advancement?

The pendulum of professional workplace attire is constantly swinging back and forth between formal and casual looks. Many companies that once had business formal dress codes, tried going casual, and then found they needed to bring it back again.


  • What is considered a "professional" look varies from city to city and industry to industry.
  • San Diego (and most of Southern California for that matter) is known for its extremely relaxed work environments – jeans, t-shirts and flip flops have since become the norm in many industries.
  • This creates a huge opportunity for those looking to launch or accelerate their careers, by adapting their professional appearance to stand out from the crowd.
  • Dress for the job you want, not the job you have!


  • A thoughtful, stylish, professional look sets you apart from the crowd – the cheapest form of marketing you could ever do!
  • Instantly boosts your presence and credibility.
  • When we look professional, we automatically perform more professionally…looking sharp helps you bring your "A-game".


  • Wearing a suit doesn’t have to be "stuffy".
  • Today’s styles offer lots of options to look professional, yet with really interesting, distinctive and fun characteristics.
  • You don’t need to spend a ton of money – for example, Zach’s shop has great suits starting at $600.
  • Don’t buy a ton – you just need a few well-tailored pieces, that you can change up with small accessories like ties, pocket squares and bowties.
  • Fit is super important – invest in good tailoring. No matter how sharp you look, if you don’t feel comfortable, you’ve lost all the advantages.
  • Sport coats – match with slacks for a slightly more fun and casual look. In San Diego you can get away with a tie, slacks and sport coat 95% of the time.
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