The Thumbprint Project Foundation: Protecting children being abused during COVID pandemic

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – During the COVID-19 pandemic there has been a rise in Domestic Violence with children in San Diego County and nationally.

Capturing the true impact of Childhood Domestic Violence statistics during COVID-19 will be difficult because cases will go unreported said The Thumbprint Project Foundation.

The non-profit joined Good Morning San Diego asking people to keep an eye out for children that are in trouble and report it so they can get them help.

Their platform – awareness is about taking action and let these children know that “we see you, you matter.” They are trying to raise $50k to fund a psychotherapist to work with these children, whom many are living on the Salvation Army Door of Hope or on the streets. The Door of Hope serves on average 230 children a year. And that is 230 different children every year who are victims of Childhood Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, etc. Additional monies raised for the non-profit will help them expand their program and services throughout the San Diego region and beyond.

Community organizations and outlets i.e. counselors, teachers, healthcare workers, and other family members may not be available to these young victims while stay at home orders are in place. In many cases these outlets that are lifelines for these victims are not available.  These children are behind closed doors without a voice, according to the foundation. 

The Thumbprint Project Foundation also is releasing a doc-u-series in mid-September. Docu-Series is “Childhood Domestic Violence- The Hidden Public Crisis”

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