The Utility Reform Network reacts to SDGE EV program budget

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) –  In authorizing the Power Your Drive pilot program in 2016, the Commission included a $45 million budget limit that only authorized SDG&E spend up to that amount. SDG&E spent over $70 million on the pilot program.

Staff attorney for The Utility Reform Network (TURN), Elise Torres, joined Good Morning San Diego to discuss the program.

It’s TURN’s understanding that SDG&E first notified the Commission and parties of the $25 million (55%) cost overrun in May of 2019, after the funds had already been spent.

SDG&E has not yet sought recovery of the extra costs from ratepayers but has not ruled this out as an option.

Recovering these costs from ratepayers would be unfair and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) needs to make sure shareholders are responsible for the $25 million cost overruns.

The Commission is currently evaluating SDG&E’s request for the second phase of the program, Power Your Drive 2.

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