The victims of Umpqua Community College shooting

OREGON (KUSI) – The nine victims of the Oregon community college shooting were released Friday afternoon.

Here are their stories.

Lucero Alcaraz, 19 years old

Lucero was starting her first year of college at Umpqua Community. Her sister, Eileen Alcaraz (14), told Buzzfeed News that Lucero hadn’t quite decided on a major, but was leaning towards becoming a nurse or pediatrician.

Eileen said Lucero loved to draw and was a great artist, her sister said, adding that she was “the responsible one” of the family’s six siblings.

Her oldest sister, Maria Alcaraz, posted the following touching message on Facebook:

"Lucero, I miss you I wish you were here … I never got the chance to tell you how proud of you I was. You would have been a great pediatric nurse. I was so proud of you for getting you college completely paid through scholarships and you made it into college honors. You were going to do great things love …"

Treven Taylor Anspach, 20 years old

According to Treven’s family, he was, "a perfect son."

In a statement from his family read by Douglas County officials, "Treven was one of the most positive young men, always looking for the best in life. Treven was larger than life, and brought out the best in those around him."

In photos on his Facebook page, Treven loved basketball and fishing. A close friend of the family — who wished to remain anonymous — describe Treven as "easy going and humble." 

Rebecka Carnes, 18 years old

Lisa Crawford, Rebecka’s cousin, posted a message on her Facebook account, calling Carnes “vibrant” and said she was “loved fiercely.”

Carnes had just started college and a new job. 

"There is no moment like the present, my dear friends and family. Don’t let life ever become so busy that you don’t have a moment to stop and be kind to someone. Let love and gentleness shine in the wake of this violence," Crawford said on Facebook.

Quinn Cooper, 18 years old

According to a statement from his family, Quinn was four days in to his freshman year of college at the time of the shooting. 

“Quinn was funny, sweet, compassionate and such a wonderful person,” the family statement said. “He always stood up for people.”

“I don’t know how we are going to move forward with our lives without Quinn; our lives are shattered beyond repair,” the family said. “No one should ever have to feel the pain we are feeling.”

Lucas Eibel, 18 years old

Lucas Eibel volunteered at a local wild animal park and at an animal shelter. He had graduated from Roseburg High School with “high academic marks” and had received a scholarship, according to a statement from his family read by Douglas County officials.

Eibel was studying chemistry.

“We have tried to figure out how to tell everyone how amazing Lucas was, but that would take 18 years,” the family statement added.

Jason Johnson, 33 years old

Tonja Johnson Engel, Jason’s mother, told NBC News that Jason had just completed a drug rehabilitation program and was eager to get his life back on track.

“The other day he looked at me and hugged me and said, ‘Mom, how long have you been waiting for one of your kids to go to college?’ And I said, ‘Oh, about 20 years,’" Tonja told NBC. 

In a statement Friday, Johnson’s family said he was “proud to be a Christian” and “had finally found his path.”

Lawrence Levine, 67 years old

According to CNN, Lawrence Levine taught English at Umpqua Community College. He was the teacher leading the class that the gunman burst into. 

His photos on Facebook show him fishing and spending time outdoors. 

“As I gazed into the depths, I saw my shadow and rays of light emanating around my silhouette,” Levine wrote in 2013. “The light danced to the rhythm of the breeze on the water; it was all in one and magical, and that was what I dove into.”

Sarena Dawn Moore, 44 years old

Sarena’s brother, Rick Goin, told the Oregonian, that it was too soon to talk about his sister’s death. 

But he did say, "“One thing I will say is I’m glad the officers, when they did get there, took care of business.”

Her Facebook shows her with horses and dogs. In October, she posted a photo of horse named Starfire, writing: “Wishing I could be riding him right now!”

Kim Dietz, 59 years old

According to a post on Facebook, Dietz had worked as a caretaker at an Oregon vineyard and had a daughter who attended Umpqua Community College.

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