Theatre Preview — February 28, 2018

KUSI theatre contributor Josh Carr joined Good Morning San Diego to talk about some of the best plays you could see in San Diego this weekend.

North Coast REP
Through March 18
Through a swirl of nearly missed connections, THIS RANDOM WORLD follows a series of intersecting lives: A mother determined to maintain her independence, a daughter longing for adventure, two sisters seeking common ground, and an internet prank gone awry. Warmly humorous and lyrically bittersweet, and a true ensemble piece, “This Random World” loosely revolves around the Ward family (mother Scottie, daughter Beth and son Tim), a morbid but jovial trio who face down a familial obsession with death both humorously and secretively.
“This Random World” is not bleak in its outlook, and despite moments of devastating sadness, it is ultimatelywistfully optimistic. Along with mortality, it tackles topics as diverse as travel, breakups, mental health, and even how to write a proper obituary. Dietz takes on each of these subjects with a unique blend of humor and pathos, borne out by a talented cast.
“This Random World” is a complex text in terms of the interconnected relationships it keeps simmering just below the surface, revealed to the audience with a heaping of dramatic irony while the characters themselves remain unaware. However, it is relatively straightforward in its execution, with a series of simple scenes that continually mix and match the characters.
• Great restaurants in the Solana Beach outdoor mall where North Coast Rep is located…dine and enjoy theatre!

Lamb’s Players Theatre
Through March 25
n 1921, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and President Warren G. Harding took a camping trip together into the Maryland woods to escape civilization; what they couldn’t escape was each other. Inspired by an actual event, Camping with Henry and Tom is an exploration of friendship, politics and leadership; a comedic and dramatic clash of two great minds and one great heart of the twentieth century.
The three men actually DID make such a trip, but the playwright takes a dramatic liberty by posing a what-if: Suppose the three men had gone for a drive and, after accidentally hitting a deer and crashing into a tree, were lost deep in the woods, away from public scrutiny, free to drop their public personae. What would be the outcome of such an episode?
The author uses Ford’s political ambitions to drive the plot. The auto magnate virtually abducts his companions, conniving to spend time alone with the president in order to gain support for his plan to purchase — at a minimal cost — a massive hydroelectric facility that Ford believes could alter the course of the nation. He also wants to become president, and is not above sleazy blackmail to depose Harding.
• San Diego premiere of an Off Broadway Lortel Award winner

North Coast Repertory Theatre
March 5 – One Night Only!
Impro Theatre’s Main Company creates completely improvised, full-length plays in the styles of the world’s greatest playwrights, authors and composers. With no pre-planning or prepared scenarios, the performers combine verbal dexterity and robust physicality to bring character and plot to life in an instant, making each Impro Theatre show unique and unlike any other theatrical experience. Founded as Los Angeles Theatresports in 1988, Impro Theatre has evolved from a successful short form improv troupe into a critically acclaimed improvisational theatre company. In southern California, Impro has performed sold-out shows at South Coast Repertory, The Broad Stage in Santa Monica, North Coast Repertory in San Diego, Falcon Theatre in Burbank, and The Pasadena Playhouse, as well as venues around the world including the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, The Athenaeum Theatre in Chicago, The Melbourne Fringe in Australia and Theatre Adyar in Paris.

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