Theatre Preview — January 25, 2018

KUSI theatre contributor Josh Carr joined Good Morning San Diego to talk about some of the plays showing around San Diego this weekend.

Scripps Ranch Theatre
Through February 18
Anthony and Rosemary are 40-something locals living in a tiny village in rural Ireland. They haven’t got a clue when it comes to love. Painfully shy Anthony has spent his entire life as a recluse on a cattle farm. Rosemary, the fiercely independent free spirit that lives next door, is determined to have him. But Rosemary thinks Anthony needs to make the first move.
Suddenly a wild and hysterically funny family feud erupts over a tiny patch of land. Soon a bonfire of a battle blazes between Rosemary and Anthony and their Ma and Da. Hope and togetherness are severely challenged. But the yearning for love of two eccentric souls is so great that they fight their way above the blaze towards happiness.
• Broadway premiere in 2014
• Received a Tony nomination for Best Play, and Drama Desk Award nominations as well

Lamplighters Theatre
Through February 4
A terrible snowstorm traps a group of strangers in a quaint boarding house. To everyone’s horror, it soon becomes clear that a murderer is hiding among them. A policeman arrives to investigate, and as the characters testify and re-enact the events of the night, the trap is set to catch the murderer. This thrilling whodunit by Agatha Christie, author of so many classic English murder mysteries, is known for its unpredictable ending … Can you pinpoint the murderer before the characters do? The original production of The Mousetrap on London’s West End has now been running continuously for 65 years, during which period it’s been performed more than 25,000 times, making it the most popular whodunit of all time and the longest-running show of any type in the modern era.
• Bring a can of pet food or make a donation to SD Humane Society in the lobby to support the SD Theatre Connection’s “Power to the Pets” campaign


Cygnet Theatre
Through February 11
This contemporary re-imagining of the compelling relationship between Henry VIII and his last wife, Katherine Parr, is a witty and powerful examination of sexual politics and women’s rights.
Katherine is smart, confident and passionate: a rising star in a world of intense competition. But her obligatory marriage to Henry is rife with the threat of violence and lure of deceit; her secret liaisons with Thom, the King’s former brother-in-law, could send her to an early grave, and her devotion to the education and equal rights of Henry’s daughters is putting an even bigger strain on her marriage.
Does Kate risk her life to gain authority in both her relationship and her political career? Which love will she be led to if she follows her heart? And what kind of future is there for her children if she makes a crucial mistake?
• Premiered at the Stratford Festival in 2015. This is the West Coast Premiere

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