Theatre Preview: Uncle Vanya, Outside Mullingar, and Foxtales

Theatre contributor Josh Carr was in studio previewing three great shows you can see this weekend in San Diego.

Uncle Vanya at The Old Globe
Through March 11
Vanya and his niece Sonya struggle to care for the estate owned by Vanya’s brother-in-law, a wealthy and celebrated professor. When this local legend returns with a beautiful new wife and announces his plans to sell the estate, hidden passions explode and the lives of the entire family come undone.
The play portrays the visit of an elderly professor and his glamorous, much younger second wife, Yelena, to the rural estate that supports their urban lifestyle. Two friends—Vanya, brother of the professor’s late first wife, who has long managed the estate, and Astrov, the local doctor—both fall under Yelena’s spell, while bemoaning the ennui of their provincial existence. Sonya, the professor’s daughter by his first wife, who has worked with Vanya to keep the estate going, suffers from her unrequited feelings for Dr. Astrov. Matters are brought to a crisis when the professor announces his intention to sell the estate, Vanya and Sonya’s home, with a view to investing the proceeds to achieve a higher income for himself and his wife.

• A Globe-commissioned world premiere translation of one of Anton Chekhov’s greatest plays

Outside Mullingar
Scripps Ranch Theatre through Sunday, then Oceanside Theatre Feb 23 – March 11
Anthony and Rosemary are 40-something locals living in a tiny village in rural Ireland. They haven’t got a clue when it comes to love. Painfully shy Anthony has spent his entire life as a recluse on a cattle farm. Rosemary, the fiercely independent free spirit that lives next door, is determined to have him. But Rosemary thinks Anthony needs to make the first move.
Suddenly a wild and hysterically funny family feud erupts over a tiny patch of land. Soon a bonfire of a battle blazes between Rosemary and Anthony and their Ma and Da. Hope and togetherness are severely challenged. But the yearning for love of two eccentric souls is so great that they fight their way above the blaze towards happiness.
• Broadway premiere in 2014
• Received a Tony nomination for Best Play, and Drama Desk Award nominations as well

Don Powell Theatre at SDSU
Through February 21
Follow the adventures of Sonny, an inquisitive little fox who sets out to explore the world. Along the way, he meets other animals who teach him valuable lessons about the importance of friendship and working together. Each encounter has a moral and each moral is presented in song drawn from Aesop’s Fables.
• Foxtales is SDSU’s annual ‘theatre for young audiences’ offering. It’s based on Aesop’s Fables and is especially suited for preschool through elementary aged kids.
• Foxtales is innovative, movement-based, and interactive to keep young minds engaged.

• Great way to engage young children in classic literature, and introduce them to the theatre.

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