They’re Not Playing Nice Yet (And It’s Going To Be a Long Wait)

Politics has never been for the faint of heart. This year no extra medication seems to do the trick, either. Even if it did, I’m not certain any of the treatment would be covered by ObamaCare.

For those who think it’s time for candidates of both parties to just get along and talk about issues instead of attacking each other: They’re just getting started.

Sure, some debates feature an occasional practiced one liner or an attempt to appear “warm” (as Senator Obama quipped to an icy Hillary Clinton in 2008, “You’re likable enough, Hillary” VIDEO:

But ‘tis the season now to conquer and be the last person standing.  This election stuff is a contact sport.

If nasty assaults in Democrat or GOP debates are distorted or include flat out false accusations, it doesn’t seem to matter. Political candidates rival diplomats when it comes to enjoying immunity. They can say just about anything.

Last night’s debate between Sanders and Clinton was more muted, mostly, compared to the last meeting.  Hillary often claimed she had the true adoration for Obama …but that on hot issues, she could be Bernie, too. The former Secretary of State opened by grabbing some of Sanders stands and making them her own before he did.

It was a battle to show who is more “progressive”, with remarks delivered at lower decibels compared to New Hampshire election night speeches.  That was a blessing for any small children or dogs listening.

As I monitored both Democrat candidates detailing a litany of misery in our country, it made me wonder if they were actually living in America or only listening to activists with agendas…  or acting as if Mr. Obama, their fellow Democrat, hadn’t been in charge for more than seven years and counting.  Message: Only more Big Government will work.

It’s hard to tell the difference between them when Hill/Bern are in sync on popular left wing targets: Wall Street, the Koch brothers, Big Banks, the police, “income inequality”… and any number of words where “phobic” could be tacked on as a suffix.  

In today’s Democrat party it’s even difficult for the person in charge, Debbie Wasserman Schulz, to define the difference between socialism and “democratic socialism”. It’s all a blur.

Meanwhile, GOP Presidential Wanna-be’s are getting ready for Saturday’s big debate.  It should provide more time to expand on issues with fewer candidates vying for TV time (Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie exited this week).

But there’s time for that later.  Tomorrow night will be slash and burn, like Civil War General Sherman marching through Atlanta to the sea, leveling anything in the way.

Donald Trump is saying he will now be lower key in delivery, this after days of accusing Ted Cruz of about everything except the Zika virus.

Jeb Bush needs a huge win in South Carolina’s upcoming primary to stay viable (if he even is now, and there’s debate on that).  John Kasich will not have nearly the showing he enjoyed in New Hampshire this week. 

Ben Carson stays in it for now, but will fare nowhere near how he was once expected to do in South Carolina with fellow Christian voters.  I’m thinking he opts out of the running not long after SC.

Marco Rubio will have a target on his back all night Saturday, with fellow GOP’ers ignoring Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment: “Thou shall not speak ill of another Republican”.  Other candidates, Trump, Cruz and Bush mostly, will pile on about Rubio’s “robotic, canned, memorized” answers at the last debate.  They will do that with memorized, canned, focus group tested zingers, trying not to look like predictable cyborgs.

And the beat… or the beating.. goes on.  It’s just getting started, and more interesting and important.




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