Third bomb threat in two days against San Ysidro High School

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – For the third time in two consecutive days, someone made an apparently bogus bomb threat against San Ysidro High School Thursday  morning.

The perpetrator called the Airway Road campus shortly after 7:30 a.m. and used some sort of computer-generated messaging system to claim that 65 pounds of TNT had been planted on campus and would explode in an hour, according to San Diego police.

Staffers and students gathered in the school gym while officers searched the grounds and buildings with a bomb-sniffing dog, finding nothing suspicious.

Police gave an all-clear shortly before 10 a.m., SDPD spokesman Humberto Hernandez said. Several of the department’s school-enforcement officers remained at the school to keep on eye on things through the day, he said.

On Wednesday, the campus was targeted by two similar unfounded automated-message threats in the late morning.

School officials told police they suspected that the same unidentified person likely was responsible for all three malicious calls, Hernandez said.

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