Thousands of illegal aliens flooding across border in Del Rio, Texas

DEL RIO, TEXAS (KUSI) – United States Border Patrol is once again being overwhelmed, unable to do their jobs.

Tens of thousands of illegal aliens are sheltering under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas, after illegally entering the United States.

The border in that area is completely wide open, neither the United States nor Mexico is patrolling people crossing. Many of the migrants are freely going back into Mexico to get food, and then crossing back to the United States.

Fox News reports that the current situation is “unsustainable,” and something needs to be done quickly.

Senator Ted Cruz visited this area himself, as he saw 10,503 illegal aliens waiting under the bridge to be processed by Border Patrol. They are waiting to be processed under the bridge because it is shady, and it is very hot where they are expected to wait.

Images show Haitians crossing the Rio Grande in huge groups and assembling under a bridge in Del Rio, a city of 35,000 people. Estimates are as high as 8,000 to 12,000.

All of the local border patrol holding facilities are at capacity, and USBP is left scrambling to find a place to keep them. Reports say 10,0000 more migrants are on their way to the same location.

A few months ago, President Biden declared VP Kamala Harris the “Border Czar,” but she has done essentially nothing to fix the crisis.

She visited a shelter in El Paso, which was miles away from the actual border, where nothing was going on.

None of the illegal aliens are being tested for COVID-19, or receiving vaccinations.

In an interview with Fox News, Senator Ted Cruz said;

The answer is simple that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are absolute hypocrites, those 10,000 people there, do you know how many Border Patrol has tested? Zero, not one. They don’t have the capacity to do that.

Let me tell you something stunning that I learned tonight about why this happened because this is a manmade crisis. Eight days ago on September 8th, under that same bridge, there were between 700 and 1,000. That was what was coming a day, about 1,000, sometimes 1,100, but it would range between 700-1,100. 

Then 8 ago, on September 8th, the Biden administration made a political decision. They announced that they were no longer going to fly deportation flights back to Haiti. 85% of the people under there are from Haiti. They’re fleeing from Haiti. They announced they weren’t going back. There were about 900 Haitians who were getting ready to board the flights when the political operatives in Washington canceled the flights. Well, what happened? Those 900 people, they all pulled out their cell phones and they e-mailed their friends and they e-mailed their families and they texted their friends and their families. 

That was 8 days ago on September 8th. Today, it’s September 16th, 8 days later, and 700 people has grown to 10,500 because the word has gone out. 

If you’re from Haiti, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have said we have open borders, come to Del Rio and they will let you in.”

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