Thousands show up at San Diego Bay to support President Donald Trump during the boat parade

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Thousands of people lined the shore of the San Diego Bay to cheer on the close to 2,000 boats that participated in the Trump Boat Parade over Labor Day Weekend.

This was San Diego’s second boat parade for President Trump, the first being a huge success as well.

As the November election looms, Trump supporters spoke to KUSI News on the shore of the bay to explain what the “yuge” event meant to them.

Most of the attendees highlighted the large numbers people showing up to support President Trump in the blue state of California. They explained it made them feel good to know that they were not alone, and there are so many other people willing to spend their day showing their support.

The parade organizer, Nick Garcia of Nitro Gun Co., sent KUSI some amazing drone video of the parade that captures the massive turnout of boats that participated.

KUSI streamed the entire boat parade, where you can see the incredible amount of boats and people waving flags and chanting, “Four More Years!”

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