Three reasons why yoga is beneficial for dads

Yoga isn’t just for women. In fact, it has profound benefits on men, too!

Mimi Ko, yoga instructor and spa supervisor at Spa Pechanga at Pechanga Resort Casino joined Good Morning San Diego to show three poses that are great for dads.

Best part is, you can do these at home with your kids!

Tree pose: This is a particularly fun pose. This pose helps with balance and stability, which are areas that men often neglect in their workout routines. When done with your kids, this can become a fun challenge of who can hold the pose the longest. You can make faces or try to make each other laugh in your attempt at being the longest standing “tree.”

Boat pose: This pose is great for core strength, and some say will help dads shrink their beer bellies! Will over here does NOT have a beer belly (thanks to all of his boat poses), but this is nevertheless a very effective pose for core stability. To make this pose fun for kids, I encourage dads and their kids to see how many rounds of “row row row your boat” that they can sing while continuously holding this pose.

Child’s pose: This pose is great for stretching out the lower back, which is often the number one complaint that I hear from dads. In this pose, Dad gets to be the child, while April provides some additional support.

These poses provide a fun and interactive way for dads to get into shape and to have fun with their kids. And the best part is that as a dad, you get to set an example of health and well-being for your child, which can imp

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