Three years ago, Louis Uridel was arrested for keeping his gym open during lockdowns

OCEANSIDE (KUSI) – Three years ago today, Oceanside Police arrested Louis Uridel for defying public health orders, and keeping his gym open for business during the lockdowns.

Uridel owns Metroflex Gym in Oceanside, and became a successful community leader against the government overreach that resulted from the coronavirus pandemic.

After San Diego County issued lockdowns for businesses, in hopes of “flattening the curve,” Uridel was defiant as he stood up for his constitutional rights.

At the time, Uridel said he remained open because he is concerned for the members of his gym, as working out benefits people’s mental and physical health. Uridel told KUSI, “They did threaten if we reopen that they would arrest every single member in the gym who is working out and cite them with the same citations.”

Uridel stayed true to his word throughout the pandemic, never enforcing the absurd mask mandates, and keeping his gym open for business despite orders from San Diego County.

KUSI’s Kacey McKinnon spoke with Louis Uridel on the three year anniversary of his arrest, as he looked back on the insanity we had to endure.

As he looked back, Uridel explained, “I really never wanted to get involved in anything with the community. I just wanted to run my business, live my life, be with my family. And when they took my business away from me, it’s like they took that away. They took my dream away and I had to fight for it. So when I say I got thrown into it, I opened my business, and you wouldn’t think that’s illegal, but I did get handcuffed or arrested for it. But yeah, I got thrown into the arena, kind of against my own will, and it spiraled and sparked and now I’m pretty much a stout community activist.”

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