Tiger from ‘Lions, Tigers & Bears Sanctuary’ dies at age 19

ALPINE (KUSI) – One of the original tiger at the Lions, Tigers & Bears in Alpine has died, the sanctuary reported Wednesday.

Natasha died at the age of 19, after suffering from declining health for the past year. 

LTB founder Bobbi Brink said the "one tough cookie” suffered from arthritis most of her life and survived a bout with uterine cancer in 2011.

Natasha and her mate, Raja, were rescued in 2002 from Texas where they were kept in a 6-by 12-foot chain-link cage with concrete floors, and no shade or shelter to protect them from often harsh elements.

She gave birth to a pair of cubs within one month of their arrival.

Raja and one of the offspring died in 2013.

Brink said a memorial service would be set up in a couple weeks.

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