Tips on running with your dog

Dr. Angela Gaeto from the Helen Woodward Animal Center joined Good Morning San Diego with Tips on running with your dog.

What dogs should you take running?
Many dogs love to go out and run but not every dog should be considered for running, or frequent running. Many medical conditions will preclude dogs from running such as heart disease, respiratory disease, arthritis, recent surgery, or orthopedic conditions. Pets with short respiratory tracts such as pugs, French bulldogs, and English Bulldogs may also have a harder time running because they often cannot take in enough oxygen to support the activity. Young puppies should also avoid running because it can be hard on developing joints.
How to train your dog to run
When you are training your dog to run, you should treat the new activity as you would treat a new workout routine in your life. This means start slow and work up to harder activity gradually. If you are running in an area where they can be off leash pay attention to how much they’re running since they’ll often be faster than you. When you first start, leash running can be a good idea so they do not overdo it and wear themselves out. You also need to pay attention to how your pet is reacting to the activity. If they are sore or painful, they should skip a day. You need to look at their paws to make sure hard surfaces aren’t causing tearing to paw pads.
When to avoid running
It is very important to consider the conditions when you’re going to take your pet running. As summer comes closer consider the outdoor temperature as well as the temperature of sidewalks and asphalt to keep paw pads safe. Dogs tend to overheat more than humans do because of their coat and the way they dissipate heat. Be sure to bring water and take breaks in shade to keep your pet cool.
The Helen Woodward Animal Center Puppy Love 5K is on March 18th at the Embarcadero Marina Park South.

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