Tips to stay cool during heat wave

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – There is a heat wave in effect, and many San Diego residents are looking for ways to cool down. For firefighters, the heat advisory has them on alert.

There is no denying everyone will feel the high temperatures in the coming days.

Leilani Tito, a La Mesa resident, said she was just going to hang out in the water and drink lots of water.

The Waterfront Park at the County Administration Center was the place to be to beat the heat on Friday.

Annette Beca, from Ramona, said, “We’re really fortunate that this is here, it’s free, it’s a good resource for everyone. We came down from Ramona so this is our chance to really beat the heat.”

But those who are not able to venture out to the water, can take advantage of the county’s “cool zones”, with more than 100 air-conditioned locations, like El Cajon’s public library.

Jason Webb of the El Cajon library said, “You can come into the library hang out read a book, read a magazine. Older people, they may be on a fixed income and may not be able to afford air conditioning and it’s a life or death thing. For them to be able to come in and cool down it’s very important, and they’ve thanked us for that.”

And while most of us can make plans to cool off, there is no escaping the increased fire risk.

Captain Kendal Bortisser said, “With the exception of the Santa Ana winds, we’re going to have the high temperatures this weekend. The humidity is going to help us out a little bit. It’s not going to be as high as it was this last week or two. We’re still in this high fire danger where the fuels are at critically low temperatures and we’re still in this multi-year drought.”

If you are cooking-out, mowing lawns, or discarding cigarettes, remember to be cautious.

SDG&E is also preparing for the demand, and they have issued some tips for consumers to save energy:

First, close your blinds and use fans as much as possible.

Adjust the thermostat to 78 degrees.

Power down equipment when you’re not using it, and use smart power strips.

If you have a pool, change out a single speed pump to a variable speed one.

Finally, monitor energy use.

You can contact SDG&E so you can receive email and text alerts when your energy use reaches a certain limit

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