‘Toilet to Tap’ is moving ahead in San Diego

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Whatever you do, don’t call it “toilet to tap,” even though it is.

“This is purified water that started as toilet water. We call it Pure Water,” said Brent Eidson, of the San Diego Public Utilities Department.

Get used to it. The so-called “Pure Water” could be the next big thing to avoid another water shortage.

“We could be producing 30-million gallons a day by 2021. The goal is 85-millions gallons a day by 2035. That’s one third the water used in San Diego,” said former Mayor Jerry Sanders. “When I was mayor, this was absolutely a basic decision to make sure we have water for years to come.”

Fast forward ten years, the mayor is different, the issue is the same. But now, it’s moving forward.

“After ten years it’s an overnight sensation,” Eidson said.

The cost of building this type of water treatment plant is about $2 billion. The process they use to purify is called “reverse osmosis,” the same process they use in the desalination plants.

Most people are not happy about “toilet to tap,” when they first hear about it. Truth is, it’s cleaner than 99 percent of the tap water in America today.

“When people taste it, they change their mind. We have a 70 percent approval after people understand,” Eidson said.

Along with re-using toilet water, there is another benefit. All the water being recycled will not be dumped into the Pacific Ocean. The fish thank you.

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