Tom Del Beccaro: Problems just beginning for California

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Curfews have expired in California as officials assess widespread damage following the weekend’s violence, vandalism and arson.

The National Guard deployed to back up police forces who faced an uncertain day after Sunday’s turmoil.

In more than 20 cities, thieves smashed their way into stores and carried off armloads of sneakers, clothes and electronics. At least 100 people were arrested in San Diego for violating curfew as police officers seized firearms and explosives.

Officials condemned the violence while supporting peaceful protests that continued over the death of a black man after a Minneapolis police officer held him down with a knee on his neck.

Author and KUSI political contributor, Tom Del Beccaro, joined Good Morning San Diego to discuss Governor Newsom and President Trumps reactions to protests around California and the United States.

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