Tom Del Beccaro’s reaction as prosecutors end opening arguments in Trump trial

WASHINGTON D.C. (KUSI) – House Democrats prosecuting President Donald Trump’s impeachment have wrapped up their opening arguments.

Rep. Jamie Raskin implored senators in his closing speech to exercise “common sense about what just took place in our country” and find Trump guilty of inciting an insurrection. Raskin is the lead prosecutor for the House.

He said senators have the power under the Constitution to find Trump guilty of having betrayed the oath of office the nation’s founders wrote into the Constitution.

Another impeachment manager warned senators that acquitting Trump could have lasting consequences for the country. Rep. Joe Neguse said that “if we pretend this didn’t happen, or worse, if we let it go unanswered, who’s to say it won’t happen again.”

KUSI Political Contributor, Tom Del Beccaro, joined Good Evening San Diego to share his reaction to impeachment proceedings.

Trump’s lawyers will begin their arguments when the trial resumes at noon Friday.


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