Tom Del Beccero responds to reports that recall efforts has ties to extremists

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A Los Angeles Times investigation found that recall campaign leaders, seeking to capitalize on the darkening public mood, allied with radical and extreme elements early on to help collect signatures.

Those included groups promoting distrust of government, science and medicine; peddlers of QAnon doomsday conspiracies; “patriots” readying for battle and one organization allied with the far-right extremist group, the Proud Boys.

Rescue California-Recall Gavin Newsom, which has a PAC headed by Tom Del Beccaro, former state Republican Party chairman, joined Good Morning San Diego to give his reaction to the report in which he was quoted in.

Beccaro said, “This is a smear job, this is what is clear, they started out saying this will never happen, then switched to say this is a long shot, and now they know it is going to succeed and we are going to have this qualified. Now they are trying to smear people to somehow scare them away. It isn’t going to work.”

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