Torrey Pines 13, La Costa Canyon 0

Torrey Pines vs La Costa Canyon During the La Costa Canyon Torrey Pines age long rivalry game two players proved to be lethal throughout the game. Sandy Plashke and Jack Bailey stuck throughout the game. Together these two completed many passes and a couple of touchdowns.

With no one scoring so far in the game, La Costa Canyon fumbled the ball early in the second quarter, and Torrey Pines capitalized on the error causing a ripple effect for the entirety of the game. La Costa Canyon did not score.

The implications of Torrey Pines over La Costa Canyon will create a chain reaction in open division, and division one play-offs.

Torrey Pines’ fate will show Saturday afternoon. If the Falcons play how they did against La Costa Canyon, they can be expected to make a run in the play-offs.

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