Torrey Pines Falcons 27, Westview Wolverines 0

It was all Falcons tonight as they beat Westview to end week 5 of Friday Night Football. The final score was Torrey Pines 27, Westview 0.

Tonight’s game started off slow, the Falcons scored a touchdown in the first quarter and after that, the scoring wouldn’t come until the fourth quarter. The first three quarters were all about defense. The fourth quarter is where all the action was.

Once the Falcons scored, it was their game to have. They didn’t allow a touchdown from the Wolverines. Falcons defense brought their “A” game tonight. Their offense got a score in the first quarter, but after that they were silenced by the Wolverines defense. In the fourth quarter is where they kicked themselves into gear scoring three rushing touchdowns. Luke Duerr, Gabe Gymr, and Ty Helfrich all had a rushing touchdown each in that fourth quarter. Luke Duerr had two touchdowns tonight.

The Wolverines couldn’t get it going tonight, their defense did their job for a majority of the game, but in the fourth quarter is where they lost it. Their offense couldn’t get it going. They had a few drives where they were close to scoring, but didn’t. The Wolverines are going to have to wait another week to try to end their four game losing streak.

For the Falcons they go into their bye week with a three game winning streak.

PREVIEW-It is now the halfway point of this year’s football season as the Wolverines of Westview will go take on the Falcons of Torrey Pines. The Wolverines are (1-3) and the Falcons are (3-1).

The Wolverines are on a three game losing streak, they haven’t won since their season opener against Fallbrook. Westview is coming off from a lost against Del Norte. The Wolverines haven’t scored a point since the second week of the season. The Falcons are on a two game winning streak, last week they beat El Camino. Their only loss came from Santa Fe Christian in week 2.

If the Wolverines want to win this game they need to put some points on the board. As well as, their defense needs to make stops if they want to end their three game losing streak. The Falcons only allowed a field goal last game so if their defense can just keep on doing what they’re doing they will be fine. As for their offense they only scored a touchdown last game, but in their other two games they won, they put up 20 points or more. If their offense can put 20 points or more up on the board and their defense has a great performance they will expand their winning streak to three.

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