Torreys runner on track to finding cure for COVID-19

Off The Field and In The Fight: Lauren Pischel

By the time Lauren Pischel was done at La Jolla Country, she ran away with two Coastal League championships.

Literally, she put on her cross country shoes and ran away with them – as well as the 2 mile record of 11:11.

“Long distance was my thing,” Pischel said.

The battles these days are similar but different. There’s a long road ahead to beat the coronavirus. But it won’t outrun the clinical fellow at the Yale School of Medicine. Work being done now can change what the world looks like soon.

In the meantime, Pischel will speak her mind, with her work on social distancing being published in the New Haven Register.

“You have to focus on what you can do as an individual,” Pischel said. “It seems counterintuative to say ‘I’m just staying at home,’ but that’s what you have to do.

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