Touring the Veteran Owned and Operated Half Face Blades knife and tool company

MIRAMAR (KUSI) – After 10 years in the SEAL teams, Andrew Arrabito founded Half Face Blades to help support the Navy SEAL community.

Andrew Arrabito started Half Face Blades, and has hired other retired Navy SEALs as employees. The knives vary in price, some reaching over $1,000 because of the spectacular detail and material.

Half Face Blades sells knives, hatchets, and all sorts of apparel. The quality of their products is top notch, and Arrabito says he has made custom knives for many high profile people including Ozzy Osborne, chef Alex Atala, and Donald Trump Jr.

Arrabito and Half Face Blades are also big supporters of Eddie Gallagher. They sold “Free Eddie” merchandise to help raise money for the Gallagher’s legal fees.

“Long Live The Real Brotherhood” the website says.

All of their products are available for sale on their website, and the knives are featured on the @HalfFaceBlades Instagram page that has nearly 500,000 followers.

KUSI’s Kacey McKinnon spoke with Arrabito as he showed her around the Half Face Blades shop live on Good Morning San Diego.

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