Tracking donations from Donald Trump to veterans groups

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Donald Trump says he has been a generous donor to veterans groups around the country.

The question of how much money he raised and whether it actually went to those groups has received closer attention in the last week.

Some of the group on Trump’s list of beneficiaries are here in San Diego.

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Of the charities that will get $5.6 million from the Donald Trump Foundation, 7 of the 41 have offices or headquarters in San Diego.

At last week’s rally, Trump showed his appreciation for members of the military. 

On Tuesday, the presidential nominee held a testy news conference in which he disclosed he had donated close to $6 million to 41 veterans group, money that was raised earlier this year.

But Trump was asked by reporters about why it took so long for those charities to receive the funds.

About half a dozen of those group said they did not receive checks from the Trump Foundation until late last week, on May 24, the same day the Washington Post ran a story that questioned whether the funds had actually be distributed.

The local branch of the Armed Forces YMCA said that it’s national office received a check last week.

They also said they don’t know how much money they will get from the Trump Foundation. The money will be distributed to the local branches by the national office.

KUSI reached out to some of the other veterans groups in San Diego that were listed as recipients, but none of them wanted to comment.

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