Tri-City Medical Center North County Game of the Week: Lincoln Hornets 50, Poway Titans 13

Lincoln showed the speed and athleticism they displayed in this summer’s 7 on 7 passing tournaments.  The Hornets 1st drive of the game QB Asante Hartzog, couldn’t anyone to throw to so he sprinted for the pylon on 4th down to open up the scoring.  Without a dependable kicker Head Coach David Dunn, went for two, giving the ball to Utah bound Kenyon Sims to give Lincoln an 8-0 lead.

The ensuing kick-off the Titans fumble the ball sophomore Marquis Allen would make the recovery. And it’s the exact opposite of the 1st score, Sims scored the touchdown, Hartzog scored the two point conversion.

The scoring slowed until late in the half, Sims would score his second of three touchdowns on the day for a 20-0 halftime lead.

In the 3rd, the Hornets really showed off their speed, Hartzog would throw a screen to Jailen Bailey and the senior flanker blew by everyone on the field for an 80 yard touchdown.

Lincoln’s defense gave up just 13 points, added two picks, and showed the physicality they couldn’t during 7 on 7’s.

The Hornets (2-0) will travel to Point Loma, while Poway (1-1) will travel to Olympian.

"Its not easy being green" can be the theme of the Tri-City Medical Center North County Game of the Week, for more ways then one, as Poway (1-0) hosts Lincoln (1-0).

The Hornets may be one of the most athletic teams in San Diego if not Southern California, starting with QB Asante Hartzog. The senior lead the hornets to 2 7 on 7 championships and a runner-up finish in another. "But wait until they put on pads", some have said…that happened and they put up 54 on Chula Vista in week 1, before calling the dogs off. Add in Utah bound running back Kenyon Sims, add to that WR Jaden Bailey, Charles Hicks, and several other guys that can stretch the field, Poway’s defense will have their hands full on Friday night.

Poway has been known for their defense, and this year it’s no different. Garrett Van Nostrand leads the defense at MLB. The Titans backed up their stout defensive reputation giving up just one touchdown in a 39-7 win on the road at Bonita Vista. Offensively Poway controls the clock with a solid running game, Van Nostrand, RB Bryce Tregoning, RB Donovan Bercasio all split carries to wear down opposing defenses. 

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