Tri-City Medical North County Game of the Week: Santa Fe Christian Eagles 14, San Pasqual Golden Eagles 12

Santa Fe Christian came, they saw and they conquered their game against San Pasqual this evening. That’s right the Santa Fe Eagles squeezed a 14-12 victory over the San Pasqual Eagles. Both Eagles faced off at Torrey Pines High School. Not only was last nights game the CIF Division III semi-final game- it was also our Tri-City Medical North County Game of the Week.

In the first quarter of tonight’s semi-final game, both San Pasqual and Santa Fe Christian’s defense were alert and pro-active. With both teams favoring running and not passing the ball this season, offense had a difficult time breaking through defense. Difficult or not, both teams were determined to inch their way into the end zone. However by the third quarter, Santa Fe woke up and picked up the pace on offense.

With very minimal action in the end zones, there were 4 touchdowns worth highlighting. In the first quarter with 0’s on the board, Santa Fe’s Luke Sanders picks up a quick 5yd touchdown run. Following Sander’s TD, quarterback Michael Linguadoca sends a pass to teammate Matt Stevenson where he caught, ran and scored a 67yd touchdown. At this point in the game, Santa Fe is up 14-0.

It isn’t long before quarterback, Weston Erdman catches the score bug and collaborates with teammate, Conor Davis for the 86yd catch and run touchdown. Before the end of the 3rd quarter, San Pasqual has more to give, Weston Erdman sets up Shawn Carter with a 37yd run- Carter picks up the slack and runs 4yds for the Eagles touchdown. With both teams surrendering the opportunity to score once more, the game quickly ended 14-12 Santa Fe Christian.

Next week, the Santa Fe Eagles will face some more Eagles, Southwest EC Eagles that is in the 2017 CIF Division III Championship game. Be sure to tune into the Prep Pigskin Report every Friday night at 10:30 for highlights, scores and so much more! Stay connected- follow our PPR Twitter @KUSIPPR and Instagram (@kusippr).

PREVIEW: The Prep Pigskin Report welcomes you into the 14th week of San Diego high school football and the semi-finals of the 2017 CIF Division III Playoffs. This week’s Tri-City Medical North County Game of the Week belongs to the San Pasqual Golden Eagles (7-4, 3-1) and Santa Fe Christian Eagles (7-4, 3-1). You can catch the birds of prey at Torrey Pines high school, this Friday at 7pm.

Last week, Santa Fe Christian faced the La Jolla Vikings and took home an astounding 63-14 win over the Vikings. With Santa Fe taking home an "easy" win, San Pasqual had to work a little harder for their small victory against Rancho Buena Vista. The Golden Eagles barely beat the RBV Longhorns 27-25. This week San Pasqual is the third seed while Santa Fe Christian is the second.

We look forward to seeing how these two teams will compete against one another in the semi finals of the 2017 CIF Division III Playoffs. But, only under the Friday night-lights will we know who comes out on top. Tune in to the Prep Pigskin Report Friday at 10:30pm to catch highlights, final scores and so much more. You can also follow LIVE game day updates and mentions on our Twitter/Instagram @RedJacketArmy.

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