Tri-City Medical North County Game of the Week: Rancho Buena Vista Longhorns 62, Santana Sultans 43

San Diego high school football welcomed it’s first week of CIF Division III playoffs. This week the Tri-City Medical North County Game of the Week presented the Rancho Buena Vista Longhorns (7-5, 2-2) and Santana Sultans (4-8, 1-3). Ladies and gentleman this game did NOT disappoint. Both teams managed to pull off a 105 point game and one special player broke not one, but TWO records. But before we dive into the details, we’d like to congratulate the Rancho Buena Vista Longhorns on taking home their first playoff win since 2013. They walked away from the Friday Night Lights with a 62-43 victory.

The player of tonight’s game goes without question. Senior running back Dorian Richardson carried his team over the finish line and made not one, not two, not even three touchdowns. Richardson is now the proud holder of RBV and CIF record of “most touchdowns in a single game”. The previous record was “7”, but Dorian pulled in “8”. As if one record-breaking night wasn’t enough, Dorian dug a little deeper and walked away tonight with 38 carries, 499 rushing yds. and 8 touchdowns. Richardson’s jaw-dropping yardage smashes the former CIF record of 455 rushing yds.

Despite Dorian stealing the show, there are still a handful of highlights to share. RBV’s kicker, Arturo Arreguin tackled Santana’s wide receiver, Cameron Snipe. Arreguin acted as a brick wall against Snipe. It wasn’t long though before Snipe claimed revenge on Arreguin. In the 3rd quarter, Cameron Snipe snagged a perfect 100yd kick return touchdown.

We look forward to what next week’s playoff games have in store for us. Be sure to tune into the Prep Pigskin Report every Friday for highlights, scores and so much more! Stay connected- follow our PPR Twitter @KUSIPPR and Instagram (@kusippr).

PREVIEW: The Prep Pigskin Report welcomes you into the 12th week of San Diego high school football and the first week of the 2017 CIF Playoffs. With a handful of bye’s in the first round there are still plenty of games you should keep your eyes on. This week’s Tri-City Medical North County Game of the Week belongs to the Rancho Buena Vista Longhorns (5-5, 2-2) and Santana Sultans (4-6, 1-3). The Longhorns will host the Sultans on their home turf in Vista, CA at 7pm Friday.

The Longhorns are currently the 6th seed in the Division III playoffs, where as the Sultans are the 11th seed. These teams come into this week with two very different outcomes from Week 11. Last week, RBV took on the Fallbrook Warriors. With a little magic made by players like Dorian Richardson, the Longhorns had nothing to fret as they walked away with a smooth 27-7 win. On the other hand, down south, the Sultans faced the Mount Miguel Matadors. A game that began in favor of Santana quickly turned tables and sadly, the Sultans walked away with a bitter 26-24 loss.

We look forward to seeing how these two teams will compete against one another in the first week of the 2017 CIF San Diego Sectionals Football Championship Division III. But, only under the Friday night-lights will we know who comes out on top. Tune in to the Prep Pigskin Report Friday at 10:30pm to catch highlights, final scores and so much more. You can also follow LIVE game day updates and mentions on our Twitter/Instagram @RedJacketArmy.

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