Tri-City Medical North County Game of the Week: San Marcos Knights 41, St. Augustine Saints 20

San Diego high school football saw it’s first game in the CIF Open Division playoffs. With only 8 teams in this Division alone, the competition is far from scarce. This week the Tri-City Medical North County Game of the Week belonged to the San Marcos Knights (8-2, 4-2) and St. Augustine Saints (7-3, 4-0).

Now folks, in football we see blowouts, overtimes or in some cases a serious comeback. But, at tonight’s game, we saw none of the above. After securing a couple touchdowns, the Knights had no obvious reason to rush their game and we don’t blame them. Before the 1st quarter ended, San Marcos approached each play and every quarter moving forward with calculated caution and a handful of timeouts. Despite their slower pace in play, their tactic worked as the Knights walk out of this week with a 41-20 victory over the St. Augustine Saints.

It’s no secret that San Marcos senior wide receiver, Kyle Phillips is one of the 2017 Silver Pigskin Finalist, and after tonight’s game we are reminded why. Within seconds of starting the game, Phillips scoops a 71yd touchdown run automatically setting the tone for the rest of the night. Senior running back Josh Bornes also impressed the crowd with his athleticism. Bornes showed us what high school football is all about after completing a 31yd touchdown run and cherry topping it with a 72yd one hand catch and run touchdown.

Next week, the San Marcos Knights will face the Helix Highlanders in the Semi finals of the 2017 CIF Open Division Playoffs. Be sure to tune into the Prep Pigskin Report every Friday night at 10:30 for highlights, scores and so much more! Stay connected- follow our PPR Twitter @KUSIPPR and Instagram (@kusippr).

PREVIEW: The Prep Pigskin Report welcomes you into the 13th week of San Diego high school football and the first round of the 2017 CIF Open Division Playoffs. With three amazing games happening in Open Division this week, this week’s Tri-City Medical North County Game of the Week belongs to the St. Augustine Saints (7-3, 4-0) and San Marcos Knights (8-2, 4-2). The Knights will host the Saints on their home turf in San Marcos, CA at 7pm Friday.

San Diego’s Open Division is home to powerhouse teams like Mission Hills and Helix. Out of 8 teams, the Knights are currently the 3rd seed while the Saints are the 6th. This matchup has the potential like many first week games to go anywhere. With San Marco’s very own wide receiver, Kyle Phillips as one of the several finalists for this years Silver Pigskin Gala and St. Augustine holding the 2017 Admirals Award winner there’s no telling what the outcome will be…yet.

We look forward to seeing how these two teams will compete against one another in the first week of the 2017 CIF Open Division Playoffs. But, only under the Friday night-lights will we know who comes out on top. Tune in to the Prep Pigskin Report Friday at 10:30pm to catch highlights, final scores and so much more. You can also follow LIVE game day updates and mentions on our Twitter/Instagram @RedJacketArmy.

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