Trump scrutinizes delegate system

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Front-runner Donald Trump is taking on the Republican National Committee on the topic of allocation of delegates.

After his win in Louisiana, he said he received less delegates than runner-up, Senator Ted Cruz.

Trump also claimed the system is rigged and unfair, for both parties.  

According to CNN, on Sunday, Trump’s new convention manager Paul Manafort, accused Cruz’s campaign of using "Gestapo tactics" to get delegates.

Cruz’s campaign spokeswoman Catherina Frazier said their campaign won "because we’ve put in the hard work to build a superior organization."

According to CNN

"If a campaign alleges that delegates were elected improperly, those challenges can be heard by the credentials committee, which decides whether the delegates in question will be allowed on the floor to vote.

In a race that could be decided by handful of delegates those challenges could be a pivotal part of the nomination process this cycle.

To the casual observer of politics, the details of what went awry for the Trump campaign in Colorado Springs might seem like an irrelevant debate over minutia. National delegate ballot positions, to be exact.

Ballot positions were assigned to more than 600 people who ran for the final 13 delegate slots at the GOP convention on Saturday.

To narrow the field, each presidential campaign printed up slates listing the national delegate candidates that they had endorsed. Those slates were handed out by volunteers at the convention."

A spokesman for the Colorado GOP said party officials were looking into whether there were problems with the ballot.

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