Turn That TV Down!!!

There is a lesson for all of us in the CALM Act of 2010.  It's something we can't keep quiet about.  In the midst of a war on terror and a debilitating recession, some are worried about the volume of commercials on TV.

 President Barak Obama signed this new law into effect on Wednesday.  It's the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act.  No kidding!  It was proposed by Representative Anna Eshoo, a congresswoman from Palo Alto, California.  The house and the senate passed it and now its law.

 It says that the Federal Communications Commission must now regulate and police television stations and cable operators nationwide to make sure the commercials are not louder than the programming.  The Commission has a year to figure out how to do this.

 After her legislative victory, Congresswoman Eshoo said “The country will now get the relief they (sic) deserve from the annoyance of blaringly loud television commercials.  Consumer will no longer need to dive for the mute button.”

 So, what is this lesson?  It is that sometimes the issues or problems we think are most important are much less important to others.  I am not saying we should not deal with the problem of loud TV commercials.  They are annoying, for sure.  But, in a world filled with terrorists trying to kill us and serious economic problems and joblessness and homelessness and threats from dictators trying to get nuclear weapons, it is remarkable that controlling the volume of TV commercials would take up even one moment of our Presidents' and Congress' time.


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