Turning parks into apartments: Point Loma locals fighting back

POINT LOMA (KUSI) — It’s one of the biggest issues in all of San Diego. They call it the “affordable housing crisis.”

Now, the city is so desperate to do something, anything, they’re talking about paving over parks and putting up apartments.

“There was no warning, no notice, no one talked to us about any of this. I think it’s a little shady,” said Susi Besenbruch of the newly formed Point Loma Town Council.

“We just formed this council to respond to this,” said Town Council founder Mike Winn. “They’re planning on paving over the only parkland in this area and they didn’t tell us anything. We decided to fight back by forming the Town Council, 50 vocal members and growing.”

The parkland in the cross hairs has been part of this community for decades.

Years ago, parents and kids carved out a BMX track that’s been a hot spot for good times ever since.

“This is awesome. My friends and I come down here after school and it’s a really good time and a good stress reliever,” said Ryan Monroe, a local 8th grader.

It’s not that anyone is against affordable housing. They not against it. They are against getting hit in the face with a life-changing event with no warning, no respect.

The newly formed Point Loma Town Council is already underway and getting active. This is the first you’ve heard of them, but it certainly will not be the last.

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