Two coastal cities consider ban on Styrofoam food containers

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Two North County cities are taking a closer look at a ban on Styrofoam cups and containers. 

The kind used by many take-out restaurants and delis. 

First plastic bags, now, possibly polystyrene. 

To cut down on plastic waste and to save the environment, containers like these could be given the boot in two coastal communities, Encinitas and Solana Beach.

At Garden State Bagel in Encinitas, the foam containers are used for coffee and for hot bagel sandwiches. 

But the owner of this bagel place said the idea of the ban doesn’t seem reasonable to him. 

At this point, city officials are just exploring the idea of a ban.

Solana Beach will take the issue to the city council later this month.

Dan King is the assistant to the city manager in Solana Beach.

In a recent survey by the local chamber of commerce, he said only 28 percent of businesses are still using Styrofoam.

Bryan Fuller is the owner of Java Depot, one of those Solana Beach business that is still handing out foam containers.

He said the biggest issue is cost, switching from Styrofoam to a more sustainable alternative is more expensive.

But Environmentalist Roger Kube said the costs of cleaning up plastic waste and pollution are even great. He said businesses can find many biodegradable and recyclable alternatives, which would cost just 1 to 4 cents more per unit.

Solana Beach was the first city in the county to adopt a ban on plastic grocery bags. It’s poised to take the lead once more in taking out take-out containers.

The proposed ban will be considered by the Solana Beach City Council later this month. 

Encinitas has ordered its environmental commission to do a review.

Close to 80 cities and counties in California have adopted a law that forbids the use of polystyrene food containers, including Los Angeles, San Francisco and smaller cities, such as Laguna Beach and Dana Point.

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