Two men attempted to rob a Verizon store, caught by Rancho San Diego Deputies

SAN DIEGO (KUSI)- San Diego Sheriff’s Department said, around 6:22 p.m.,  two black men attempted to rob a Verizon store on Jamacha Road in Rancho San Diego.

A witness in the parking lot saw the two men wearing masks as they entered the store and immediately called 911 believing the store was being robbed.

As soon as the men entered the store, one of them pointed a firearm at the four employees in the store. They demanded the employees give them the cash from the register and forced them at gunpoint into the back storeroom.

The suspects then forced the employees to give them the cash from their wallets and open the safe which contained a large stock of phones. There was a built in delay system in the safe, so the suspects had to wait until the delay cycle ended. After the safe was opened the suspects ordered the employees to put the phones in bags they had brought with them.

Rancho San Diego Deputies were dispatched to the 911 call and set up a perimeter around the store. As the rear perimeter deputies set up, the two suspects attempted to leave out the backdoor of the store.

Upon hearing deputy’s commands to surrender, they ran back inside the store and attempted to exit through the front door of the business. The suspects were met by the front perimeter deputies and were taken into custody without injury.

The phones and the firearm were recovered inside the store. A large amount of money was recovered from one of the suspects which is believed to have been taken during the robbery.

It was determined after arrest that both suspects were juveniles, ages sixteen and seventeen. There were no apparent related vehicles on scene when deputies arrived, and no other suspects were identified. No employees were injured during the incident.

Detectives from the Rancho San Diego Station are continuing the investigation.

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