Two-month-old Jemma-Linda continues to recover after pit bull attack

LOGAN HEIGHTS (KUSI) — The two-month-old baby who was attacked by a pit bull in Logan Heights remains hospitalized in stable condition.

Jemma-Linda had just been put down for a nap in an infant bouncy chair when the pit bull of a family friend was startled. As a result, the dog attacked and bit Jemma-Linda across the top of her head and face and started shaking her.

She was hospitalized with a broken nose, punctured eye sockets, a misplaced jawline, a fractured cranium, a torn lip, a brain punctured and a crack behind her ear.

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The baby has remained in the hospital since May 7 and continues to recover.

According to a GoFundMe page for her, a metal plate has been placed in her head, which may cause complications to her mental development in the future.

“Her pupils at this point are fine but she does have a torn tear duct that’ll never work again. She has a broken nose & we are still discussing future cosmetic surgery. She’s very stable but they’re keeping her asleep to ensure she feels as less pain as possible,” according to the page.

A team of doctors and plastic surgeons are working on a plan to reconstruct her torn tear duct, but she has no other injuries to her pupils. She has had a complete nose reconstruction, but her ears and hearing were not affected in the attack.

“Jemma-Linda is the strongest & tiniest fighter I’ve ever seen! With all of your prayers and support, we have hopes she will make a speedy and full recovery,” according to the page.

The dog’s owner directed the County Department of Animal Services to euthanize the 20 months old pit bull.

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