Two Pokémon Go players fall off a cliff in Encinitas

ENCINITAS (KUSI) — Two men playing the newest trend in cell phone gaming had to be rescued after falling off a cliff in Encinitas while searching for virtual Pokémon.

Two men were playing the new "Pokémon Go" game on their cell phones, they told sheriff’s deputies, when they fell over the edge of a bluff near E St. in Encinitas around 1 p.m Wednesday, according to Encinitas Fire Department. One man fell about 90 feet to the beach below. The other fell about 50 feet, landing on part of the cliff, according to Encinitas Fire.

Both men were taken to the La Jolla Trauma Center with unspecified injuries, according Encinitas Fire Department. 

Pokémon Go was released last week as a free game app that you can download for your iOS or Android smartphone. Players wander their real-world neighborhoods searching for animated characters from the cartoon television series, Pokémon, which are virtually appear on their cell phones.

The game became instantly popular but also has caused numerous reports of dangerous situations.In Missouri, four men used the app to purposely trap players late at night so they could rob them at gunpoint.

Many agencies have reported seeing people playing the game while driving. California Highway Patrol urged drivers not to Pokémon Go and drive in a tweet. 

Locally in San Diego, police agencies and even SDG&E are preaching safety while on the go:

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