Uber launches new “non-stop shared ride” feature in San Diego

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The ride-booking company Uber launched a new ride option in San Diego today, allowing certain Uber Pool riders to reach their destination in roughly the same time as a non-shared ride like an Uber X.

When riders select an Uber X ride, they will be prompted with the option to choose the last seat in an existing Uber Pool and be the first person the Uber Pool driver drops off. Riders who choose the “non-stop shared ride”
option will receive a credit on the app that can be used for future rides or Uber Eats purchases.

Uber announced the feature in a blog post Thursday celebrating the fifth anniversary of Uber Pool entering beta testing. The non-stop shared rides option will be offered to riders in 15 major metro cities in addition to San
Diego, according to the company.

“This feature, which is available in several U.S. cities, is one example of how we’re identifying new ways for riders to access a shared ride on Uber’s platform. … We’re continuing to focus on ways to do more for riders’
shared experience in the places where Uber Pool operates,” Uber product experts Brandon Trew and Neil Kamireddy wrote in the post.

Since launching the option in August 2014, the company has introduced Uber Pool to more than 50 markets around the world. According to the company, the carpooling option has saved nine million gallons of gas and the emission of 80,000 tons of carbon dioxide when compared to riders choosing Uber X.

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