UC San Diego receives 27-percent more applications from minority students

LA JOLLA (CNS) – Outreach programs by UC San Diego resulted in a 27.4 percent increase in freshman applications from minority students, the school reported Thursday.

Last year's off-campus fraternity party — dubbed the “Compton Cookout” — widely seen as mocking Black History month — sparked campus protests. The Black Student Union urged the administration to try harder to attract minority students to the school.

The number of African-American high school students who applied for the next academic year was 2,192, an increase of 12.8 percent over last year. There were also 620 applications from black transfer students, up nearly 17 percent. For Hispanic students, the increase in freshman applications was up 31.8 percent to 10,780; and transfers climbed 48.5 percent to 1,964.

More applications by minority students reflected a climb of freshman applications overall of 11.2 percent over the previous year, to nearly 53,500. The average GPA was 3.77.

The university also received more than 17,000 transfer applications, an uptick of almost 20 percent.

“We are pleased to receive a record number of applications from students with such outstanding academic qualities,” said Chancellor Marye Anne Fox. “As our outreach efforts continue to attract more talented first- generation and under-represented students, we are concerned about the persistent decline in state funding for higher education and how it will affect access for our prospective hard-working and promising students.”

UCSD received more applications than any other UC campus other than UCLA.

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