UC San Diego students call for awareness of the national debt

We talk a lot about how the national debt is going to impact our children and grandchildren but visualizing the issue is a difficult task, until now. KUSI's Ed Lenderman was on the campus of UC San Diego Wednesday and reports on how some students are making sure this issue will not be ignored.

The national debt is currently at 14-trillion dollars and change and growing by the billions every day.
A group of UC San Diego students has found a way for the issue not to be ignored.

As we focused our camera on the giant placards bearing seemingly endless numbers, the KUSI photographer said, “Ed, it's going to be hard to get all this in the frame,” and that was the idea.  

Library walk on the UC San Diego campus is a hub of activity with lots of people and causes vying for an individual students attention.

Wednesday and for the rest of the week, library walk will include some consciousness-raising by a campus group called Young Americans for Liberty, part of a national organization espousing limited government and fiscal responsibility.

Senior Karen Scamman admitted it's difficult to get one's head around. She said “it's definitely going to change our lives, for the past generations we've lived on borrowed money and borrowed labor from the rest of the world and all of a sudden, we have got to pay those debts.”

“This is going to effect us, not our parents and I think that resonates well with college students because it's not something that will effect them in the near future, but now,” said Scamman.

Simeon Morris is the local chapter's director of administration, he said “we added 4-billion dollars to the debt yesterday, that's what we add a day, so if you display the numbers and show them this (holds up a handbill), these are the breakdowns, it begins to resonate with people.”

Morris continued to put things in perspective, “14-trillion dollars, let's just take the one for the moment, 1-trillion.” Morris calculates that one trillion dollars could buy about half of the country's fortune 500 companies. Difficult as it may be he says, students can't afford to ignore the debt's impact on them.

This is all part of a nation-wide campaign going on this week involving young Americans for liberty chapters on various university campuses. It's called appropriately, “visual the debt”

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