UC students continue to protest

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Students across the California University system are stepping up the pressure to have tuition hikes rolled back.

When asked who is to blame, the state or the university, they say both.

The Board of Regents approved five years of increases, and cut short the time for the public to speak to the issue. The students were left to wonder what is happening to public education.

Another day of protest on the campus of UCSD.

Over the next five years, student tuition will increase by 25%, and students are worried about their future.

Monday’s protest is a continuation of daily protests against the tuition hikes approved last week, and it is going on at all ten UC campuses.

They can understand loans and fees for dorms, food, and books, etc, but tripling or quadrupling fees for tuition, at a public university?

“Why is there even a tuition? There shouldn’t be a tuition, and if there is, it definitely shouldn’t be $12, 192, and going up by hundreds of percent. That’s not right,” said Fabiola Orocco.

They see public education as a right, but feel the UC system is turning into a privilege, no longer affordable to the average Californian.

“We would love transparency on salaries, and transparency in regards to where the funds are going,” said Caine Jordan.

So whose to blame? The state or the university? The students say both.

The university adopts a budget with increased salaries and benefits, and the legislature dutifully approves it. Then offsets the cost of making more loans available.

Caine Jordan is a fifth year student, and he says, “I have to take about $7,500 out a year. I think I’m about $40,000 in debt.”

$6,500 dollars a year for Fabiola Orocco, now in her third year. “I’m just focused on it.  How am I going to pay back this money, and is it worth it, and I don’t know anymore,” she said.

The state used to pay 60% of a student’s education with parents the other 40%. That is now reversed, and the gap is getting wider.

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