Two San Diego doctors are stranded in Peru after the country shut down its borders

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Two San Diego doctors stuck in Peru are now seeking help.

UCSD Resident Anesthesiologist Dr. Rupa Prasad and Dr. Reema Sanghvi traveled to Peru for a medical mission on March 8th. At that time there were no travel restrictions or even concerns about a COVID-19 outbreak in the country. Since then the country has shut down its borders and they are no longer able to book a commercial flight back to the United States.

The local doctors are now asking San Diego residents to call on the U.S. Government to bring them home by texting “SIGN XHMVMD” to the number 50409 or by calling or writing their elected officials.

“We’re encouraging people to reach out to their local representatives and senators to really be able to encourage the state department to send us home,” said Dr. Prasad. “We are concerned that what is currently peaceful may not stay that way.”




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