UCSD to increase collaboration with Tijuana-based university

LA JOLLA (CNS) – UC San Diego announced today that it has signed a five-year deal with a Tijuana-based university to increase collaboration and exchanges between students and faculty.

The memorandum of understanding with Universidad Autonoma de Baja California could lead to exchanges of faculty; exchanges of graduate students and postdoctoral scholars; joint research projects and publications; exchanges of publications, materials and information; and special short-term programs and visits, according to UCSD.

“Strategically, this initiative is very important to our campus, as we are located in an ideal space for cross-border collaborations with large student populations on both sides,” said UCSD Chancellor Pradeep Khosla. “Our unique location allows for the meaningful exchange of ideas and resources between our students and faculty.”

The agreement is similar to one with Colegio de la Frontera Norte, a Mexican institution focused on social science research.

UCSD previously established ties to Mexico through its Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies. Faculty at the center already work with UABC instructors on economics and international relations.

Mexico has a program called “Proyecta 100,000,” which aims to have 100,000 Mexican students studying at U.S. colleges by 2018, and for 50,000 American students to attend universities in Mexico.

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