UK Couple’s Expedition Through USA- On Scooters

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – UK based couple, Bex Band and Gil Drori, have been bravely attempting a 1,750mile journey traveling the full length of the USA using kick scooters- stand up non-motorized scooters that are powered by leg muscles alone. The expedition, named ‘Kicking the States’ began on May 17 in Vancouver, Canada and will end on 4th August in Tijuana, Mexico. This will be the longest anyone has ever traveled on kick scooters and the first time anyone has kick scooted the length of the USA.

Over the next 2 days they will be completing our final scoot from Carlsbad to Tijuana, finishing with celebrations and talks in San Diego.

Band and Drori have had quite an adventure along the way. A redwood tree almost fell on them while they were camping, they rescued an abandoned puppy which they found by the side of the road and they called the police when they witnessed a break in.

The scoot has been a real physical feat with many challenges along the way from mountains to traffic. Cold wet weather in Oregon and scorching heat waves in California. The couple have been traveling an average of 30 miles a day and are completely self-contained, carrying all their camping gear in modified panniers that attach to the front of the scooters.

The aim of this expedition is to raise money to help build a school in Tanzania. Band, who used to be a teacher says, “We visited Tanzania last year and since then have wanted to do something to give back as we feel we are so fortunate in many ways. We met children living in extreme poverty and it was very sad to see.  We believe that Education really changes the lives and future for these children. Our hope is to raise $10,000 to help build a school which will help hundreds of children for years to come “. They are close to reaching their target which has been raised through donations and by giving talks at events along the way.

Drori says, “We decided to do this journey on kick-scooters because it is such a fun way to travel. We knew that to achieve our fundraising target we’d need to take on a huge challenge that would make people notice.”

“We weren’t sure how the people of America would react to our challenge but we’ve been blown away by everyone’s positivism and warmth” Drori adds, “Strangers have offered to host us when we had no where to stay, cooked us meals and made generous charity donations. We leave this adventure with a restored faith in humanity and a lot of new friends for life!”

Band and Drori are just 2 days away from achieving our record breaking 1,750 mile expedition – ‘Kicking the States!!’ Traveling the entire length of the USA on Kick Scooters from Canada to Mexico, all for a good cause.

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