Unelected Dr. Wilma Wooten: The pandemic is not over on June 15

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego County Health Officials held a press conference Tuesday announcing the county’s official move into the ‘Yellow Tier’ of Gavin Newsom’s reopening guidelines, that he will get rid of next week.

Democrat elected officials are touting the move as a success, like Supervisor Nathan Fletcher who called it “remarkable.”

But, Republicans are pointing out the obvious, continuing to explain the rest of the country has reopened months ago and has seen no problems, so why aren’t we lagging so far behind?

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During Tuesday’s press briefing, the unelected San Diego County Public Health Officer Dr. Wilma Wooten proclaimed, “the pandemic is not over on June 15th.” Wooten said that is because “we are still seeing cases,” but admitted “things are slowing down.”

Wooten then admitted, “we need to see it get to a point where we have no cases for at least two incubation periods.” Watch her complete answer below:

The next question at the press briefing, the unelected Dr. Wooten was asked if the public should have any concerns mixing unvaccinated and vaccinated people after June 15th.

Dr. Wooten gave a lengthy answer, but acknowledged the newly updated CDC guidance that said vaccinated people are safe without masks, but stopped short of agreeing with it, instead she called it a “recommendation.” Wooten then continued her answer saying, “she doesn’t have any magic answers.”

Wooten finished up saying she believes unvaccinated people should continue wearing masks, but said it’s a personal choice for the vaccinated, unless at certain “mega-events.” Here full answer is below:



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