Unelected Dr. Wilma Wooten: We need to vaccinate everyone 6 months of age and older

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Most COVID-19 restrictions throughout California ended Tuesday as the state retired its Blueprint for a Safer Economy tier system and lifted capacity and physical distancing restrictions for most businesses and activities.

California became the last state in the nation to do so, so San Diegans are very excited to get their freedoms back and the ability to return to normal life like the rest of the country did many months ago.

“We are excited for where we are today, but it doesn’t mean the virus is over,” said the county’s unelected Public Health Officer Dr. Wilma Wooten, who said she would “probably” continue to wear her mask in indoor settings.

Critics say Wooten’s public admission to continue wearing her mask indoors, even though she’s vaccinated, is a clear admission she is not following the science. Vaccinated people are safe and protected from COVID-19, San Diego County Health Officials even confirmed just .03% of vaccinated San Diegans have been infected with COVID-19, none of which had significant illness.

As the state enjoyed the lifting of the tiers and restrictions on June 15, Dr. Wooten told San Diego that it “doesn’t mean things are over.” Continuing to say that, “in the coming months in this year, we have to focus on vaccination of those individuals 6 months of age to 11 years of age. The vaccines aren’t available yet, but they are coming, so we have to be ready when that occurs.”

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