Universities in Washington, California and New York cancel classes due to coronavirus

(CNN) –  Universities from California to New York have closed campus classrooms as the novel coronavirus has affected more than 100,000 people worldwide and its spread has transformed into what is being called a pandemic.

The cancellations have been focused in states and areas hardest hit by the virus, including the Seattle area, California and New York. Also, many students either are on or about to go on spring break, so some schools are issuing guidance on avoiding travel to countries such as China, Italy or South Korea, based on advisories from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Some are telling students to not return to campus for 14 days after their return, depending on the laws in their state.
One university even told students to leave campus for the time being.
These are all the universities that have canceled or suspended classes so far: Amherst College, Ohio State, Harvard, University of California Berkely, University of California San Diego, Columbia University and Barnard College, Hofstra University, Princeton, Seattle University, University of Southern California, Stanford, and University of Washington.
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