University of California campuses to implement new sexual misconduct procedures

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Procedures for reporting and responding to allegations of sexual misconduct by faculty and staff will be implemented at all 10 University of California campuses, including UC San Diego, as well as the five medical centers and three laboratories it operates, no later than Sept. 1, it was announced Thursday.

The new procedures for handling reports of alleged sexual misconduct by faculty and staff are designed to provide “greater transparency, consistency and timeliness in investigating and adjudicating such cases,” according to a UC statement.

“Combined with our ongoing prevention strategies, these clearly defined frameworks strengthen our procedures for handling sexual misconduct case and furthering a culture of safety and respect at the university,” UC President Janet Napolitano said.

The regulations include having investigations concluded within 60 business days, and determining disciplinary action within 40 days after that.

Other changes include having a peer review committee on each campus, which will advised the chancellor or chancellor designee on appropriate resolution, including discipline, in cases involving faculty members.

For staff members, any discipline proposed by a respondent’s supervisor will be reviewed and approved by the chancellor or chancellor designee.

“Before, the timeliness and processes on (UC) campuses varied, said UC spokeswoman Claire Doan. “And now, with these new models for faculty and staff, the University of California will have clear and consistent systemwide procedures in place.”

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